Thank you for your interest in the Madison County Child Advocacy Center (CAC). The CAC provides professional intervention and supportive services to fight child abuse. Most importantly, the CAC provides a safe haven for children to talk about the physical or sexual abuse they may have experienced and to help in limiting the number of times a child has to be interviewed. Before the CAC opened, a child who was a victim or witnessed a violent crime would often be interviewed by eight to 12 different people before the case went to trial. Because of the CAC, abused children no longer have to endure such a strenuous interviewing process and authorities are better able to prosecute abuse cases.

The vision of the Madison County Children’s Advocacy Center Site is that it will be a safe and nurturing environment through which all children and families will be empowered to overcome the trauma and devastating effects of child abuse.

Learn more about the CAC, what we do, who we help, and consider helping us as we help children of abuse find a voice.